Charleston Bakery - Spring Menu

Welcome to our new online website for all things dessert in Charleston! It's been awhile since our last blog post and a lot has been happening here at Swank Desserts!

Now that's it's officially spring (although it feels like summer some days) we have changed our menu. For those of you who are new to Swank, we LOVE keeping it fresh and exciting with new flavors. The goal is to keep the menus as seasonal as possible, and when we can, we like to source local ingredients. Before I make your mouth water, I want to give a special shout out to Sirena, Owner and Photographer of Aneris Photography for capturing all of the dessert porn you are about to experience. 


Charleston Bakery


Swank Brownies

These were an accident. Yes that's right! If I wasn't experimenting, these brownies wouldn't exist. Although dark chocolate and salted caramel is a classic and very popular flavor combo, we take it to a different level in this recipe. If you've had these, don't worry...they will be on our menu FOREVER. We carefully mix the batter with dark chocolate and Nutella. Right before the batter goes into the oven we top it with a chewy, house- made caramel. When all of that is said and done ( yes there is more) we layer two slabs of brownies with a SALTED CARAMEL FUDGE. Maldon sea salt flakes round out the flavor of this double decker brownie and add a little bit of texture. Only a true chocolate lover can handle all that is going on here! 



Charleston Desserts Macaron



Chocolate Cherry Pop - This is another signature item that will remain on our menu. It was initially created for a Valentine's Day feature and when the menu changed, I received many requests for them. It's my ode to a chocolate covered cherry, but of course I couldn't just fill it with cherry jam. The dark chocolate ganche is made with a cherry infused cream and the center of the macaron is filled with  CHERRY POP ROCKS! The 70% Guanaja chocolate isn't overly sweet and has fruity notes that make it perfect for this flavor. 

Charleston Bakery Macaron


Samoa- Our version of everyone's favorite girl scout cookie, "sexied up." This macaron batter is made with cocoa powder and then filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache. The center is left vacant for toasted coconut and salted caramel.  The finished macaron is then drizzled with more chocolate. 

Charleston Bakery Desserts


Toasted Coconut & Passionfruit - If you've never had passionfruit before, you should definitely give these a try! It's exotic,tangy, sweet, and refreshing. If you love lighter or citrus, this is for you! It almost makes me feel as if I am laying on an island with white sand and crystal blue waters when I eat these. These macaron shells are flavored with coconut essence and topped with coconut flakes that slowly caramelize in the oven. The passionfruit ganache compliments the coconut perfectly.


Charleston Bakery Desserts

Banana Pudding Cookie Sandwiches

Banana pudding is, and always will be my favorite non-chocolate dessert. This soft banana cookie has all of the flavors of the classic southern dish, plus a little more. You'll find crushed banana chips and brown butter Nilla wafer crumb mixed into the cookie. Instead of just vanilla buttercream, we've added bourbon and vanilla bean paste. Booze make everything better right?


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