Holiday Doughnut Pop-Up (Pre-order only)

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Summer 2017 (19 of 22).jpg

Holiday Doughnut Pop-Up (Pre-order only)

from 14.00

Our holiday inspired "mini" brioche style doughnuts will be available for pick up between 10am-3pm on December 22, 2018.

*Doughnuts are pre-order ONLY and will only be available December 22nd only!


  • Coquito Crème brûlée- Coquito pastry cream, Puerto Rican rum, caramelized sugar crust

  • Apple Fritter- Fresh apples, cooked in cinnamon and brown sugar, apple cider glaze

  • Cranberry + Orange- Cranberry jam filled, tossed in orange & vanilla infused sugar

  • Dark Chocolate + Peppermint- Chocolate glaze, peppermint marshmallow, white chocolate & peppermint bark

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